Accreditation requires a qualitative evaluation of an institution’s educational programs to determine whether it is meeting its stated objectives and is in compliance with the standards promulgated by the Commission.

One of the most important aspects of accreditation is the on-site evaluation by an examining team to verify that the NACCAS Standards and Criteria and other requirements are being met. During a full team on-site evaluation, the team composition includes an Academic, a School Owner/Administrator from a NACCAS accredited school, and at least one Practitioner representative to cover the fields of training offered by the school. The role of the team is that of a fact-finding body. The team is to make no recommendations to the school’s administration. Accompanying the team is a NACCAS staff representative who acts as the team lead, and a liaison between the NACCAS office, the examining team, and the school. The staff representative ensures that the team maintains consistency in the evaluation process and interpretation of the NACCAS Standard and policies.

In order to improve and expedite the evaluation process, we are asking for your comments and suggestions. The following survey has been designed as a tool to:

1. Expedite and improve the scheduling of an on-site evaluation;

2. Improve the quality of the on-site evaluation; and

3. Provide an opportunity for comments and suggestions from school owners.

Please be assured that this survey will remain strictly confidential. We at the NACCAS office thank you for taking the time to share your comments and concerns with us.

This confidential survey will be sent electronically directly to me, Commission Chairwoman, Therese Vogel.