Out Standing in the Field: Phase II

Welcome to the registration site for the LaSIP professional development program Out Standing in the Field: Phase II

This 80-hour paid program brings together University of Louisiana at Monroe scientists and middle school science teachers to do hands-on science at local research sites such as Black Bayou and Restoration Park.

If you are interested in participating in the seven-day summer institute (Sunday through Saturday July 22-28) and the three follow-up Saturday workshops, please fill out the state registration form.

Filling out the form simply expresses your interest in the program; you are under no obligation to attend.

Participants in the program will be chosen based on district affiliation and a first-come basis. All demographic data are used for state reporting purposes only.

* 1. If you are ready to fill out the registration form, please choose: I am ready to register.

If you would like more information about the program before registering, please choose: I need more information.