Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey to help us fulfill our mission even better!

* 1. How did you start coming to SDFC?

* 2. How long have you been involved at First Church?

* 3. Are you involved in SDFC programs beyond the Sunday worship service? If so, name all the areas of your involvement.

* 4. What do you like most about our church?

* 5. What do you like least about our church?

* 6. If you could change one thing about our church what would it be?

* 7. What speaks to you the most each Sunday?

* 8. What would you like to see more of at/through First Church?

* 9. What would you like to see less of at/through First Church?

* 10. Why do you continue to be part of SDFC?

* 11. Is there a population that is currently being overlooked at/by our church?

* 12. What could we do to better reach our community?

* 13. What could we add that would better meet your needs?

* 14. Any additional comments?