The OUSD School Board is developing a policy on the strategic use of District properties. Please help focus this strategy by providing your thoughts as to how the District can best use its facilities to provide high quality schools, house core administrative services, and generate revenue to support school operations. Thank you!

* 1. Oakland Unified School District is responsible for educating the youth of Oakland. How do you see district fulfilling its responsibility for students in District-operated public schools, students in charter schools, and students in other school environments?

* 2. How should OUSD best utilize its properties to provide high quality school facilities to students for whom it is responsible?

* 3. How should OUSD best utilize its properties to efficiently house central administrative services?

* 4. How can OUSD best utilize its properties to earn revenue to support school operations?

* 5. Should OUSD lease vacant properties to:

* 6. If OUSD is going to lease properties to charter or private schools, should it:

* 7. OUSD still owes the State of California $64 million for the State loan taken out when we were in receivership. Selling property would allow OUSD to pay back that debt. Should OUSD consider selling any properties? If yes, which property(s)?

* 8. If you would like to be included on future correspondance and receive updates on the special committee's work, please give us your name and e-mail address or other contact information:

* 9. Additional comments: