About OurKidsCode

This survey should be completed with the help of your parent/guardian.

We need your help to understand how you use computers at home so that we can build workshops to help you and your family learn more about using computer technologies. We’ve asked your parents to help you answer some questions about the kinds of things that you already do with computers and how you feel about them.

· Please complete this survey with a parent/guardian. 
· It will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. There are questions that have choices and others where you write an answer. 
· Please try not to use anyone’s name in your answers. If you do we will take them out. 
· All questions are optional. This means that you can choose not to answer questions or skip them if you like. 
·You are free to change your mind or change your answer and you can stop at any time by clicking 'exit' or by closing your browser.


Our team are Garda vetted which means that the Gardai have checked our details to make sure that we are approved to work with families. Any responses that you give will not be linked to you or your family or your location. That means that we will process and store all you answers in a way that means that you or your family cannot be identified.
We are using special software to send out this survey which means that anyone who accesses your answers must have a password to the Trinity College computer system where it will be stored. If you are at all worried about where your answers are kept please ask a parent/guardian to email contact@ourkidscode.ie and we can answer your questions.
We promise to look after your data very carefully. However, because it is fully anonymous, it is not possible to remove it after you submit your survey.  It’s very unlikely, but we have to advise you that if we find out about any illegal activities when we’re collecting answers, child protection law means that we have to let the authorities know.


There may be media reporting, lectures, projects including PhD theses, conference presentations and journal articles written as a result of this survey. However our reporting and published results will not include any information that would identify you or your family.

We are a group of parents/guardians who are also working on research which is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and administered by the National Parents Council in partnership with the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin. The project team consists of Nina Bresnihan, Glenn Strong, Lorraine Fisher and Richard Millwood (Trinity College Dublin) and Áine Lynch (National Parents Council).

You can contact  us at contact@ourkidscode.ie or the School of Computer Science & Statistics, Trinity College, Dublin 2.
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