1. Are you a frequent social network user (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flicker, Instagram...) ?

2. Do you follow people on social network?

3. How often do you share your views/opinions with others?

4. About which topics are you more likely to share your views/opinions with others via social network? (Check all that apply)

5. If you see something you like/care about on a social networking site, which are you likely to do?

6. How often do you use your phone camera?

7. What is the most popular category of the photos/video in your phone gallery?

8. Have you ever shared a photo/video you took?

9. Why do you share/post your photos/video?

10. In your opinion, what tool/medium is the best to communicate your personal feelings/message/statement?

11. You are invited to a cool event. What are you most likely going to do?

12. What is your age?

13. What was the last grade you competed in school?

14. What is your approximate average income?

15. What is your gender?