Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Scientists in School is on a journey to be the best that we can be and your input is instrumental to our success.
In appreciation for your time and thoughtful answers, you will be offered an opportunity to win a complimentary workshop. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to get your students excited about science!

* 2. How effective was this workshop in encouraging your students to:

  Extremely effective Very effective Somewhat effective Slightly effective Not at all effective
Ask questions
Engage in exploration
Make discoveries
Think critically
Participate safely 

* 3. How effective was this workshop in enhancing your students'

  Extremely effective Very effective Somewhat effective Slightly effective Not at all effective
Interest in STEM
Attitude towards STEM
Understanding of scientific principles
Awareness of STEM in everyday life
Interest in STEM-related careers

* 5. My presenter was:

  Strongly agree Agree I'm not sure Disagree Strongly disagree
Enthusiastic and engaging
An effective communicator

* 6. How easy was this workshop to book and schedule?

* 7. We would like to enter your name into a draw for a complimentary workshop. We give away one complimentary workshop per term to a teacher who completed our survey. The following information will assist us in contacting you in the event that your name is drawn.

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