Teachers give you feedback on your work so that you know what you are doing well and what can be improved.

This survey is for you to give your teacher feedback so they know how to make sure they are doing all they can to help you learn.

Please rate the following questions.

Thank you for completing this.

* 1. Which Room are you in?

* 2. How I feel when I am at school

* 3. We develop clear expectations ('code of conduct', class rules, values) together.

* 4. I feel comfortable to have a go and to ask questions

* 5. We listen respectfully to each others' points of view.

* 6. We encourage and help each other to learn.

* 7. I feel a part of this class.

* 8. I feel good about myself as a learner.

* 9. In this class we generally get on well and work together.

* 10. I feel safe in my classroom

* 11. We have some choice about what and how we learn.

* 12. I am listened to and the teacher answers my questions and/or responds to my ideas.

* 13. The teacher challenges me to achieve my personal best.

* 14. I know my learning goals and try to achieve them

* 15. The feedback I get about my learning includes how I can improve