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Please Note: Maine’s Title 20-A, Chapter 147, Rules For The Licensing of Privately Owned Business, Trade and Technical Schools — Proprietary Schools defines such schools as follows: “. . . (1) any private postsecondary school in this State offering a program or course of instruction conducted for the purpose of teaching any trade or any industrial, occupational, vocational, business or technical skill, except those that are exempt under section 2, and, (2) any private postsecondary school . . . located out of State which hires or authorizes solicitors or agents to recruit students or to promote the school or its program within the State”. Such schools are required to be licensed if they have a physical presence within the State of Maine.

Physical presence means an owned, leased, rented or provided facility, within Maine, where education and/or training is provided to students for a fee. Physical presence also includes periodic visits to Maine-based students by the school’s faculty/representatives and/or the activity of Maine residents who have been hired to serve as solicitors or agents on behalf of the school.

Similarly, Maine’s Title 20-A, Chapter 149, Procedures for Obtaining Authorization for Institutions of Higher Education to Confer Academic Degrees or to Offer Degree Courses/Programs in the State of Maine identifies the procedures to be followed by a postsecondary institution which seeks to offer, within the boundaries of the State of Maine, any course or program for which academic credit is granted or to confer, within the boundaries of the State of Maine, a degree at the Associate level or higher.

On-line instructional service providers, with no physical presence within the boundaries of the State of Maine, are not required to secure Maine licensure to operate as a proprietary school or State Board of Education authorization to operate in Maine as an approved degree-granting institution. In order to comply with Federal registration requirements, out-of-state, on-line service providers, with no physical presence in Maine, who offer instruction to Maine residents need to complete and return the survey.

If you have further questions contact:
Mr. Angel Martinez Loredo, Higher Education Specialist, Maine Department of Education, #23 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333.

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* Will your institution be conducting organized, consistent, on-the-ground recruiting of students in Maine?

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* Will your institution, as part of the program, host short-term, face-to-face seminars or conferences in Maine?

* Will your institution be employing mentors or tutors in the state to aid students who are residents of the state?