* 1. Please Tell Us About Yourself

* 2. Is it OK if we contact you in the future with information relating to your participation in the early access program including to notify you of the availability of updated software?

* 3. How experienced are you with Oracle VM or other virtualization products? Please indicate your amount of experience with each of the following:

  None Played around (never deployed) Some use in dev / test only (not production) Extensive dev / test only (not production) Limited production use Extensive production use
Oracle VM 2 (previous generation)
Oracle VM 3
Microsoft HyperV
Citrix XenServer
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV)
Solaris Zones and Containers
Oracle VM Server for SPARC / Sun Logical Domains (LDoms)
Other (Please comment)

* 4. What type of servers will you be testing with this Oracle VM early access release? Please indicate what servers you would plan to use in dev, test, or production if they differ from the server(s) you are using for early access.

  Early access testing Potential dev / test deployment servers Potential production deployment servers
Oracle Sun x86 hardware servers (specify model)
Cisco x86 hardware servers (specify model)
Dell x86 hardware servers (specify model)
HP x86 hardware servers (specify model)
IBM x86 hardware servers (specify model)
Other x86 hardware servers (specify model)
SPARC servers (specify model)
Don't know

* 5. For the servers you are testing with as indicated above, how many CPUs will be in the typical physical servers?

  Early access test servers Dev / test deployment servers Production deployment servers
2 sockets
4 sockets
8 sockets
Other (specify)
Don't know

* 6. For the servers you indicated above, how much memory will be in the typical system?

  Early access test servers Dev / test deployment servers Production deployment servers
16GB or less
Other (please specify)
Don't know

* 7. I/O: How many I/O slots will be in your typical system?

  1 2 4 5-12 (specify below) More than 12 (specify) Don't know / haven't decided
Early access test systems
Dev / test deployment systems
Production deployment systems

* 8. I/O Configuration: What type of I/O cards will you use and how many?

  One per server Multiple per server (not redundant) Multiple per server (redundant)
1gig Ethernet
10gig Ethernet
40gig Ethernet
Fibre Channel HBA
InfiniBand adapter
Hybrid / multi-function adapter (specify below)
Don't know

* 9. I/O: Which of these network configuration options do you plan to test / use?

  Early access testing Dev / test deployments Production deployments
Network bonding (specify mode)
VLANs (specify tagged / untagged)
Storage multipathing (specify method / vendor)

* 10. Storage: What type of storage do you plan to use?

  Early access testing Dev / test use only Production use
Other (specify)
Don't know

* 11. Storage: Do you plan to configure with some sort of storage multi-pathing configuration?

* 12. Storage: What storage make / model do you plan to use?

  Early access testing Dev / test deployments Production deployments
EMC (specify model below)
Fujitsu (specify)
HDS (specify)
HP (specify)
IBM (specify)
NetApp (specify)
Sun (specify)
Other (specify)
Don't know

* 13. Guest OS: What operating systems will you install in your VMs / LDoms?

  Early access testing Dev / test deployment Production deployment
Oracle Linux (specify version)
Red Hat Linux (specify)
Microsoft Windows (specify)
Oracle Solaris for SPARC (specify)
Oracle Solaris for x86 (specify)
Don't know

* 14. Guest OS: If you are using Oracle Linux as the guest OS, are you using the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) or the Red Hat compatible kernel for your testing?

* 15. Oracle VM Templates and Assemblies: Will you be doing any testing with Oracle VM Templates or Assemblies (Complete, ready-to-run software packaged as virtual machines downloaded from Oracle or created yourself)?

  Templates Assemblies
Yes (Downloaded from Oracle: specify)
Yes (Created myself: specify)

* 16. If you deploy Oracle VM 3.2 when it is Generally Available (GA), what type of workloads do you expect to host?

  Most likely Potentially No / Not planned Not sure
Linux workloads
Windows workloads
Solaris on x86 workloads
Solaris on SPARC workloads
Enterprise applications
Production workloads
Dev/test/staging workloads

* 17. Early access plan: What are the most important areas for you to evaluate as part of the early access program?

  High priority Medium priority Low priority No plans to test
Manager UI
Server configuration features
Network configuration features
Storage configuration features
VM lifecycle features (create, import, clone, start, migrate, stop, etc.)
Performance and scalability
HA features
Policy-based management (DRS, power management, etc.)
Server hardware compatibility
I/O card compatibility
Storage hardware compatibility
Test general reliability / stability
Other (specify)