What influences Australian Optometrist’s Job Satisfaction?

What influences Australian Optometrist’s Job Satisfaction?
Information and Introduction

Dear Optometrist,

I am an Optometrist at Flinders University who teaches into the Optometry program. This letter is to introduce Daniel Tretola; Joanne Leong; Melanie Galloway; Sarah Golfis and Stephanie Callisto who are optometry students at Flinders University, South Australia.

They would like to invite you to assist with this project by completing a short online questionnaire. It is expected that the survey should take less than 5 minutes.

Description of the study

This study is part of the project titled What influences Australian Optometrist’s Job Satisfaction? This project will investigate the demographic and employment factors that influence the job satisfaction for Australian optometrists.  This project is supported by Flinders University, College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Purpose of the study

This project aims to find out what factors influence how satisfied optometrists are with their work. 

What will I be asked to do?

You will be asked to complete a short online survey that will ask you about some of your details, some of you work environment details and details of how satisfied you are with your job.

What benefit will I gain from being involved in this study?

The sharing of your experiences will enable a better understanding of the variables that affect optometrists and their satisfaction with their career the most. 

Will I be identifiable by being involved in this study?

We do not need your name and you will be anonymous. None of the information gathered will be identifiable, and your comments can not be linked directly to you. All information and results obtained in this study will be stored in a secure way, with access restricted to relevant researchers.

Are there any risks or discomforts if I am involved?

There is no significant foreseeable risks.  You can choose to withdraw as a participant at any time simply by ceasing to complete the survey.  You also have to opportunity not to answer any question you do not want to.

If you have any concerns regarding anticipated or actual risks or discomforts, please raise them with the researcher.

How do I agree to participate?

Participation is voluntary. You agree to participate by completing and submitting the survey.

Any information provided will be anonymous and confidential. You are able to discontinue your participation at any time during the questionnaire or to decline to answer particular questions. After you have completed and submitted the questionnaire your answers are not identifiable and, therefore cannot be withdrawn.

Any enquiries you may have concerning this project should be directed to me at the address given above or by telephone on (08) 7221 8409 or e-mail ben.hamlyn@flinders.edu.au.

Kind Regards

Ben Hamlyn

This research project has been approved by the Flinders University Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee 7890.  For more information regarding ethical approval of the project the Executive Officer of the Committee can be contacted by telephone on 8201 3116, by fax on 8201 2035 or by email human.researchethics@flinders.edu.au