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* 1. Your Employment Goal or Job Target is (if unsure, write unsure but list some ideas you are thinking of):

* 2. I need help with my job search (select as many as you want):

* 3. I need help with career research and planning (select as many as you want):

* 4. I need help dealing with job loss, change or career transition (select as many as you want)

* 5. I need help with re-training, occupational skills training, on-the-job experience or self employment

* 6. I need help with success in training or education

* 7. I need help to be successful on the job

* 8. Please rate your job search tools

  Poor Fair Good Excellent Excellent
Polished, up-to-date & targeted Resume (s)
Know how to draft a tailored cover letter
Confidence approaching employers
Confidence in interview situations

* 9. Do you use any of the following at home:

* 10. Please rate your computer skills for job search

  Fair Average Good Excellent Excellent
using the internet to look for and apply for work
using email to contact employers, businesses or organizations
using word processor/computer to update resumes and draft cover letters

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