Introduction and information about the survey

OPTICITIES is a three year European project supported by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation from European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. OPTICITIES intends to develop and test interoperable urban Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions to provide urban citizens with the best possible journey conditions and to optimise urban logistics operations.

OPTICITIES will deliver innovative breakthrough with the following measures:
• European standard for urban multimodal data set including interfaces with information services;
• New governance scheme between public and private stakeholders through a contractual architecture fostering data quality and implementing data access policy;
• Decision support tools based on predictive data for proactive transport management and Multimodal Traffic Control Systems connecting road traffic and public transport data in cities;
• Multimodal real-time urban navigator interfaced with in-car navigation systems as a first world trial;
• Urban freight navigator to support drivers and fleet operators in optimising their deliveries.

Further information:

The OPTICITIES Stakeholder Forum will gather both stakeholders from the ITS community and local authorities and will ensure a durable link between them and the OPTICITIES project. The aim of this stakeholder forum is to foster support and enable deployment of project OPTICITIES outputs on a European scale and giving feedback about the progress and outcomes of the OPTICITIES Project. Stakeholders will be informed and engaged on an ad hoc basis via a combination of online exchange and physical meetings. Physical meetings will take place back to back with other major events in the ITS calendar.

• By filling out this survey you can influence the set-up and working of the OPTICITIES Stakeholder forum;
• This survey will take 15 minutes to complete;
• Open questions can be completed in English;
• Subsequent to this survey it will be possible to register and take part in the OPTICITIES Stakeholder Forum;
• The results of the survey will be made available at the first OPTICITIES Stakeholder forum meeting;
• With this survey you support the project OPTICITIES – Enhancing smart mobility, funded by the European Union.