* 1. Which of the following best describes your role in the OpenStack community? Please choose all that apply.

* 2. Did you attend the OpenStack Design Summit, Conference or both?

* 3. How did you like the Design Summit and Conference timing, in terms of the length (three days Summit, two days Conference w/ workshops Friday afternoon) and sequence (Summit before Conference, no overlap)? Please choose all that apply and provide any additional feedback.

* 4. Please rate the event on the following criteria (1 to 4) and provide additional comments to help us improve:

  Poor (1) Fair (2) Good (3) Excellent (4) N/A
* Overall
* Location (City)
* Venue (Hotel)
* Network
* Session rooms (size, acoustics, equipment)
* Event information (screens, schedule)

* 5. The next Design Summit & Conference will be coming up in 6 months, so we are starting to scope locations now. The Fall 2012 event will again be in the U.S. but we are planning other events in Asia, Europe, and South America in 2012 & 2013. For the Fall event, which of the following regions do you think makes the most sense?