In response to the substantial financial challenges being faced by the Council, a small number of green sites have been identified for possible redevelopment.

The Council believes that this approach, which would result in the release of 0.37% of Bexley’s parkland and 1.44% of Bexley’s green highway, is probably preferable to alternative options for raising extra income or making savings.

Residents were consulted on the principle of this proposal in Autumn 2014, and the locations of the 27 sites being considered were made public in February 2015. At that time, we made clear that the list was subject to detailed technical evaluations of each site.

The technical evaluation of five sites has now been concluded. The Council’s Cabinet has decided that four of these sites are technically suitable for release and that the Public should be consulted on their possible redevelopment.

The four sites are -

• Eastern part of Old Farm Park
• West Street small park
• Wilde Rd East
• Wilde Rd West.

To have your say, please complete this survey. Paper copies are available from Bexley libraries.

The deadline for responses is 18 September.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to give your feedback.