FERC is seeking input on the creation of the FERC Open Government Plan. As outlined in the Open Government Directive, this brainstorming tool is a mechanism to gain input on how to make the key principle of openness a meaningful pillar of FERC's mission. FERC is seeking your ideas on how to implement participation, transparency, collaboration and innovation activities such that FERC becomes more relevant, efficient, and accountable. Key ideas and suggestions developed through this process will be prioritized in the FERC Open Government Plan. 

Norman C. Bay

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OMB Control No. 3090-0288

* Transparency - What information and high-value data should we provide to make FERC more accountable, improve public knowledge of FERC's work, and create economic opportunity? How can FERC make information and data available in a timely and accessible manner?

* Participation - How can FERC encourage two-way conversations with the public to share ideas and expertise to improve our work? What specific tools and strategies should we use to encourage these public conversations?

* Collaboration - How should FERC collaborate with individuals, businesses, non-profits, other agencies, or state/local governments? What top problems should we tackle together?

* Innovation - What new technologies and strategies can FERC use to be more open, efficient and save taxpayer money?