October 16, 2017 - This survey will be active for 2 weeks

OpenCape is a not-for-profit technology company designed and built to provide high-speed Internet via our state-of-the-art fiber-optic network to towns, businesses & residents of the Cape, Islands & Southeastern MA.  We believe having reliable, redundant and affordable Internet service is a key component to improving our economy, creating jobs, attracting investment and supporting communities, business, and entrepreneurs.
At the request of the Falmouth EDIC and the Chamber of Commerce, OpenCape was asked how we could solve issues with Internet connectivity in the downtown area.

* 1. Have you experienced Internet Issues this year that impacted your Business

* 2. OpenCape offers 100% Fiber Internet Service and offers two products.  Please select which Service you would be most interested in?

* 3. Do you require VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service for your phones (at an additional cost over Internet service)

* 4. Based on what you know and what is described above.  Would you be interested in taking OpenCape Service

* 5. Please Enter Your Contact Information Below

* 6. Additional Comments or Questions