The Victorian Farmers Federation is preparing a submission to the Victorian Parliament’s inquiry into onshore gas and wants to hear members’ views.

This survey is an opportunity to give the VFF feedback on onshore gas exploration, extraction, production and rehabilitation.

The VFF’s Mining and Petroleum Policy Principles are listed below:

- Farmers should hold the power of veto over all mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction on agricultural land.

- Landowners must receive appropriate commercial payments for all mining and petroleum activities on their land.

- The State Government should extend and change the present moratorium on issuing new CSG exploration licences and fracking, to include all types of unconventional gas exploration and mining until 2020.

- Any water of suitable quality obtained from exploration of gas on farmland be made available for agricultural use subject to stringent regulatory requirements.

- There must be no long-term adverse off-site impacts from mining and petroleum developments. For example on water supply or quality.

- Farmland must be rehabilitated to its previous productive use at the end of the life of a mining or petroleum development.

- Information on mining and petroleum issues must be made available to VFF members.

- The rights of landholders must be protected in minerals and petroleum legislation.

- Baseline information must be collected prior to the development of mineral or petroleum resources and independent monitoring must be undertaken during the development.

- In the case of land, air, or water contamination the onus should be on the mining or gas company to prove their activities are not causing the impacts.

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