Bishop Zubik has spoken frequently about the first Pentecost, when God sent forth the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Jesus gathered in the Upper Room.  Our times are like the time of the first Pentecost.  As we journey On Mission for The Church Alive! let  us pray that we too will be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

In the fall of 2016, we had the opportunity as a parish to offer our feedback on the initial models proposed for our future.  Throughout the winter of 2017, we continued to give feedback through our Team Leaders.  Clergy have had the opportunity to respond to the changes proposed for the process of implementing the On Mission initiative.  As a result of the feedback collected, each parish was included in one proposed grouping.  The Parish Groupings were announced, first to the clergy of the diocese on April 19.   Each district then learned of the groupings at their meetings held between April 25 and May 11.

These new Parish Groupings reflect the four main criteria of the On Mission initiative:  consideration of the Parish Grouping's boundaries as mission territory; pastoral care of the faithful; best use of financial resources; and distribution of the clergy.  

  NO decisions have been made about our parish.  Bishop Zubik wants to hear what strengths, possibilities and/or concerns we see in the Parish Grouping put forward to us for our feedback.  This survey is an opportunity for you to offer feedback on the parish groupings.

Throughout the month of May, parishes are invited to host focus groups or use survey monkey to collect feedback from parishioners.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and participation.


50% of survey complete.