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Anitafrika Retreat Centre
One-To-One Artist-Mentorship-Residency

d'bi.young anitafrika, world renowned dubpoet, actor, playwright, educator and founding Artistic Director of the Anitafrika Retreat Centre has been mentoring global change-makers for over two decades. Pioneer of the ground-breaking Anitafrika Method, d'bi has fostered the holistic development of hundreds of artists world-wide who have incorporated the principles of her method in not only their works-of-art but also in their lives. 

Join d'bi at the Anitafrika Retreat Centre for one-to-one mentorship geared towards artists and non-artists who are emerging, mid-career and established.

Residencies range from 1-28 days in length and include instruction in the Anitafrika Method, mentorship, dramaturgy & coaching from d'bi as well as accommodation, vegan/vegetarian food, meditation, yoga, walking trails and more.

The retreat offers all the following (option to opt out of vegan meals):
-Artist kit: Anitafrika Method System & Notebook
-One-To-One mentorship with d'bi.
-Coaching Sessions with d'bi. 
-Dramaturgy/Directing/Editing Sessions with d'bi. 
-100% Organic Vegan meals (option to opt out of meals)
-Morning guided meditation (1hr daily, optional)
-Morning yoga (1hr daily, optional)
-Walking trails and more

One-to-One Residency fees range from $1200-$33,000 

VILLAGE: 1 Day | Food Incl $1200 (10am-4pm)

BLACK(a): 1 Night | Food Not Incl $1800
BLACK(b): 1 Night | Food Incl $2000

RED(a): 2 Nights Food Not Incl $2500
RED(b): 2 Nights Food Incl $2700

ORANGE(a): 3 Nights Food Not Incl $3000
ORANGE(b): 3 Nights Food Incl $3300

YELLOW(a): 7 Nights Food Not Incl $7500
YELLOW(b): 7 Nights Food Incl $8000 * (Most Popular)

GREEN(a): 10 Nights Food Not Incl $10,000
GREEN(b): 10 Nights Food Incl $11,000

BLUE(a): 14 Nights Food Not Incl $14,000
BLUE(b): 14 Nights Food Incl $15,500

INDIGO(a): 21 Nights Food Not Incl $21,000
INDIGO(b): 21 Nights Food Incl $25,000

VIOLET(a): 28 Nights Food Not Incl $28,000
VIOLET(b): 28 Nights Food Incl $33,000

BLACK Residency Schedule (practitioner's option to co-curate their schedule)
5:00 pm              Guest Arrives/Check-In
6:00pm               Dinner
7-7:30pm            Orientation
8:30pm               Guest retires
5.00am               Wake up: personal time
6-7:00am           Meditation (optional) 
7-8:00am           Yoga (optional)
8:30-9:30am      BREAKFAST
10-12:00pm       Anitafrika Method Workshop
12:30-1:30pm    LUNCH
1:30-3:30pm      Artist Creative/Leisure Time (create, swim, walk in forest etc)
4:30-5:30pm      Dramaturgy/Creative Feedback
6:00pm              DINNER
7-8:00pm           CHECK-OUT

*Please note - Retreat Centre is ordinarily Vegan however there is the option of adding fish to meals while here.

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