-          Expenses will be reviewed for reasonableness and history of recent past community expenses.

-          Reimbursements will be paid electronically within 30 days.

-          Expense confirmation email will be sent to the requestor by email with a community officer copied and include Bill.com instructions/info.

-       Coming Soon:   For new events, once created you will need submit the Event Submission Form for review and approval of your event prior to submitting expenses. New events with no expenses (i.e. dine-around or directly funded by sponsoring industry partner) do not need pre-approval. This does not take effect yet.

-          Advance payment requests must be submitted by a community officer (President, President-Elect, or Secretary) and are for amounts $100 or higher. Any amounts lower than that can be submitted for reimbursement. Receipts must be provided and any remaining funds must be returned to SLA  (within 30 days of the expense).

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