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The Glendale Community Council is beginning a neighborhood-wide planning project to develop a comprehensive visioning document for the neighborhood. Called the One Glendale Plan, this document will act as a strategic planning document for the community council and be used to provide a comprehensive outline for Salt Lake City to invest in the neighborhood.

Throughout the past several years, a variety of recurring issues have been brought to the community council’s attention. Taken individually, each of the issues appears unconnected. When viewed as part of a set of neighborhood-wide problems, the issues can be connected to systemic issues that require a comprehensive plan. 

The development of new assets such as the Three Creeks Confluence and the deterioration of existing resources such as the Raging Waters property and Bend in the River presents new opportunities for developing neighborhood cohesion. In addition, regular issues tied to pedestrian access, safe routes to school, and the overall car-centric design of Glendale regularly present issues that affect neighborhood cohesion. 

In addition, residents regularly express interest in new assets such as pickleball courts, basketball facilities, improved park amenities, and more public artwork. Decisions about these assets are often zero-sum with residents asked to choose between existing resources i.e. tennis courts being replaced by pickleball courts. Rather than choose between one or the other, we envision a process where resident-driven leadership identifies ways to add to existing amenities without removing the existing amenities.

Through this process, we are proposing to undergo strategic visioning and activation activities that will unite the neighborhood and create a shared vision for the future of our neighborhood. We are committed to inclusion that intentionally reaches communities and neighbors who are often unrepresented in community planning activities.

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