Preliminary Planning Worksheet

Each year, OMF helps to put on amazing events ranging from 5Ks with hundreds of participants to small, intimate dinners with friends and family. Each of these events is critical to allowing OMF to do what it does and, in sum, provide a large percentage of OMF’s operating budget. And more importantly, each of these events is put on by grassroots community members just like you, many of whom have never planned a fundraiser before. We’re here to help!

If you think you’re ready to join OMF’s army of Warriors, we’d love to learn more about your vision for a successful event. Based on that sketch, no matter how rough, we will work with you over the phone and over e-mail to successfully execute an event that drives awareness and raises much-needed funds for eye cancer research. So please use the following worksheet as a starting point. It doesn’t have to be complete. Once you've submitted the information you know, we'll be in contact. Thank you!

* 1. Name and Contact Information 

* 2. Are you an OM patient?

* 3. If no, does a relative or friend have OM?

* 4. Why do you want to plan an event? To raise awareness in your community? To honor or memorialize someone? To raise money for research?

* 5. What is the goal of your Warrior event? If fundraising, do you have a specific monetary goal in mind?

* 6. If fundraising is your goal, how would you like the money be to be used?

* 7. What is your event idea? (For example, a 5k, an office bake sale, T-shirt drive, dinner, auction, etc.) Is this a one time event or are you planning to hold the event annually?

* 8. When do you envision having the event? (Be as specific as you can with the date and time.)

* 9. Who would be invited to your event? Would you want it to be close friends and community members or open to anyone who wants to participate?

* 10. What would the realistic attendance be at your event? And is there a hard cap (e.g. limited space in the venue)?

* 11. If a fundraising event, how do you anticipate generating revenue? (For example, online ticket sales in advance, entry fee at the door, raffle and/or auction, open donation solicitations, or a mix.)

* 12. Would there be hard costs associated with putting on the event such as venue rental fees, deposits for meals, hiring of security, etc.? Do you have a budget? How would these expenses be covered (out of the gross event proceeds, by the organizers, by ticket sales etc.)

* 13. What type of publicity would you like for the event? (For example, Facebook, other social media, postcard mailing(s), emails, online giving/event platforms such as Crowdrise, FirstGiving, etc.)

* 14. What support would you like to see from OMF? (Help with planning, on-site support, financial, etc.)

* 15. Typically OMF provides any Warrior event planner with materials to make the event successful and maximize awareness of the OMF organization and of eye cancer as a rare disease. What type and how many materials would you envision having provided for your event? (Write the number after each item if you would like to have that item):