* 1. What location did you host your birthday party?

* 2. What was the date and time of your party?

* 3. Who were your party instructors?

* 4. How did you hear about hosting your party at Olympiad Gymnastics or Team Central?

* 5. Please answer the questions below about our customer service and booking procedures.

  Outstanding Good Average Needs Training Poor N/A
The staff was friendly and knowledgeable?
The staff addressed your individual needs and questions?
Your party packet was ready as promised?
You were provided with a copy of our Birthday Party Rules & Policies?
The party coordinator contacted you to confirm details prior to the party?
Quality of the invitations?

* 6. Please answer the following questions about the instructor(s).

  Outstanding Good Average Needs Training Poor Not applicable N/A
The instructor(s) used professional courtesy, conduct and appearance?
The instructor(s) provided clear instructions to the children and went over safety rules?
The instructor(s) were attentive, enthusiastic, and appeared to be enjoying themselves?
Children were well supervised during the party?

* 7. The party began and ended on time.

* 8. The length of the activity time in the gym was too short, too long or just right.

* 9. Activities provided during the party were age appropriate and encouraged participation.

* 10. Was the length of time in the party room too short, too long or just right?

* 11. What is your overall satisfaction rating with our birthday parties?

* 12. How likely are you to recommend our birthday parties to a friend?

* 13. Please give any additional comments and/or suggestions that would allow us to better serve our customers