Olathe is a special place with its own unique heritage. The 21st century buildings and places tell the story of how the city developed and prospered over nearly 200 years.

As part of ongoing efforts to document Olathe's story and harness its legacy for future gains, the City of Olathe is preparing a Historic Preservation Plan that will help citizens and civic leaders protect the resources that tell the story of Olathe's past for the future. As part of this effort, please take this 13 question survey and tell us what Historic Olathe means to you.

* 1. What does "Historic Olathe" mean to you?

* 2. Are you a resident of Olathe?

* 4. Do you work in Olathe?

* 6. Do you own a business in Olathe?

* 8. Do you own property in Olathe?

* 10. Does historic preservation benefit the community?

* 11. Preserving historic buildings ________ economic development in Olathe.