Commencement is a monumental event for OHSU graduates. The student body has the opportunity to suggest a few speakers for the administration to contact so as to make the event memorable. Your school's All-Hill representatives will gather the top viable suggestions which will then be collated with those of the other schools to then be presented to the provost. Please note there is no guarantee any of our speaker suggestions will be available to speak at the event in early June 2018. Thank you!

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your school/progam?

* 3. Please list 1-3 suggestions for the OHSU Commencement speaker.

* 4. Optional: Indicate your second suggestion.

* 5. Optional: Indicate your third suggestion.

* 6. Optional: You may include 1-2 sentences to support your suggestions.

* 7. Optional: Do you have a direct and reliable connection to any of the speakers listed?

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