We are making available a virtual course in biomedical informatics from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) as an elective for medical students. The course uses the materials from a one-quarter course in our graduate program. The course is fully online, using voice over Powerpoint lectures, discussion forums, and multiple-choice assessments.

We already use some of the modules from the course as a part of a 2-week elective we offer to medical students, MINF 705A Medical Informatics. We now plan to offer the entire 10-week course as a 4-week block (2-credits in the OHSU system). Due to high demand, we must limit enrollment to students from US allopathic and osteopathic medical schools.
The syllabus and more information are available at:
Although the course is taught virtually, the discussion forums are facilitated by faculty and fellows in our program. The course makes use of discussion forums from our learning management system (Sakai) and will also feature 1-2 synchronous video conferences.
We would like to offer the course to other US medical schools. We prefer that students register and get credit at your institution. To facilitate this, we would like to have a single point of contact at each school that participates. We will work with that contact to establish numbers of students and dates, enroll actual students, and report back successful completion of the course.

We would like to for all point of contact individuals to complete the short survey below so we can contact you. Please use your university email address.

William Hersh, MD - hersh@ohsu.edu

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