DNC Leadership Survey 2017

There is currently an election taking place for the new leader of the Democratic National Committee. Given the disappointing results in Ohio and other states, this election offers the opportunity to have an honest conversation about the future and direction of our Party.

Given the important role we play nationally, we in Ohio must be a strong voice in this conversation, which is why we want to hear from you.

* 1. Please rate the following priorities for the national Democratic Party to focus on

  Not important Slightly important Important Fairly important Very important
50-state strategy and investing in state parties
Building a robust and lasting infrastructure to get out the vote every year
Building a strong bench of candidates and officeholders at all levels
Developing a powerful, concise and positive message
Engagement of minority communities
Millennial outreach
Organizing constituency groups
Providing contrast message to Trump and GOP agenda
Registering new voters and protecting voting rights

* 2. How much focus do you think Democrats should put into each of these issues?

  Not important Slightly important Important Fairly important Very important
Climate change
College affordability
Criminal justice reform
Gun violence
Health care
Immigration reform
LGBTQ rights
Reproductive rights
Workplace fairness
Voting rights

* 3. What other issues not listed here do you think Democrats need to focus on in 2017 and beyond?

* 4. How would you assess the direction of your community? Your state?

* 5. What suggestions do you have for Democrats to improve our outreach and connection with voters in your community?

* 6. How would you like to get involved with the Ohio Democratic Party in 2017?

* 7. Tell us a bit about you

* 8. A bit more about you (optional)

* 9. Any other questions or comments for the Ohio Democratic Party

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