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In accordance with the European Union’s goals, an international consortium is realizing a tourism product development. The ‘Off to Spas’ project aims at creating new, thermal water related international health tourism products (international balneology product) in the spa towns of Central Europe, that could serve as a main attraction in order to bring seniors to these regions in the low tourism seasons.

In the framework of this international project, the University of Pannonia (Hungary) is conducting a comprehensive study including stakeholder research. Hereby we kindly ask you for your valuable contribution to the success of the project by filling out the following questionnaire. It takes approximately 15 minutes to reply.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Judit SULYOK (e-mail: sulyokj@gtk.uni-pannon.hu)

Thank you very much for sharing your views with us.

University of Pannonia (Hungary)