The School and Office Products Network conducts consumer surveys to assist our members with new office and school product research. These surveys are intended for research purposes only. We appreciate you taking the time to assist us in providing our manufacturers with up-to-date purchase information.

Please note: An asterisk before a question means that question needs a response.

* 1. Number of employees in your office.

* 2. Check the product categories that your company purchases the most.

* 3. How often would you say you purchase office supplies during the year?

* 4. What would you say is the most important factor when making purchasing decisions?

* 5. What is your most recent purchase?

* 6. What would you say is your average monthly expenditure?

* 7. What would you say your 12-month expenditure outlook would be?

* 8. What would you say is the most influential factor preventing the purchase of a particular product?

* 9. How important are brand names when purchasing office product?

  Not at all important Somewhat important Important Very important Extremely important N/A
Scale of 1-5 with 1 being 'not at all important' and 5 being 'very important'

* 10. Are your purchases more private label product over store brands?

* 11. Are you the primary purchaser?

* 12. Does your company purchase by department?

* 13. Does your company have a purchasing agent?

* 14. Are you more likely to do price comparisons? If so, with any particular office item?

* 15. Any challenges in purchasing office products?

* 16. How do you learn about new products?

* 17. How do you place an order?

* 18. Please check the stores below where you have purchased office supplies.

* 19. What criteria do you use in choosing your office supply stores?

* 20. What is the most important supplier attribute?

* 21. Do you work with office supply contracts?

* 22. We conduct surveys on a quarterly basis each year for research purposes. Sometimes our clients also request surveys during the year. If you are willing to participate in our surveys, please include your email below. We do not sell your emails to other organizations nor do we send you requests to buy any product or service. We may offer a drawing for a free product to particpate in the survey but not on a regular basis.