Off-Hours Delivery Pilot

District Department of Transportation (DDOT) works to ensure safe and efficient mobility of commercial vehicles in the District while mitigating community impacts and preserving infrastructure. DDOT, in partnership with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), will launch an Off-Hours Delivery (OHD) pilot in early 2015. This pilot will provide an opportunity to address and alleviate issues including congestion, efficiency, air quality, and curbside management by encouraging deliveries to be made during non-peak traffic periods.

As a part of an initial data collection effort for the OHD pilot, DDOT is requesting businesses located in the District fill out the survey below regarding deliveries.

* 1. Address

* 2. Company Website

* 3. How many locations are there in DC?

* 4. What are your normal hours of operation?


* 6. Typically, how many deliveries do you receive daily?

* 7. When do you currently accept deliveries on weekdays?


* 8. When do you currently accept deliveries on weekend?


* 9. How frequently are your daytime deliveries delayed by more than 30 minutes (# of times per day)?

* 10. What delivery difficulties do you currently experience?

* 11. During daytime deliveries, from which locations do your deliveries enter the store (select all that apply)?

* 12. Number of night deliveries per day (between 7 pm and 6 am)?

* 13. Number of night deliveries made without staff from your company being present?

* 14. In a typical week, how many night deliveries arrive late? 

* 15. During night deliveries, how does the truck driver get into your building (select all that apply)?

* 16. During night deliveries, from which location do your deliveries enter the store (select all that apply)?

* 17. Name of carriers that deliver to your location (carrier company name(s))?

* 18. Frequency of delivery (# of deliveries received by them a day/week)

* 19. Typical size of delivery (number of boxes/units)

* 20. Typical type of delivery (perishable, non-perishable, alcohol, etc.)

* 21. Size/type of delviery truck

* 22. How long does it take to complete the delivery (in minutes, on average)?

* 23. Does staff need to be present for delivery of goods?

* 25. Do goods need to be checked by the receiver? 

* 26. Who organized delivery/collection times?

* 27. Who resolves the delivery/collection problems?

* 28. We are offering a financial incentive for businesses who try night deliveries; would your company be interested in shifting any of your deliveries to hte night hours (7 pm - 6 pm)?

* 29. Please share any additional comments or questions you may have.