Your opportunity for feedback

At O'Brien's we highly value client feedback. We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete the following questions to ensure we continue to deliver a service of the highest standard to our clients.

* 1. Your details

* 2. How important are the following characteristics when choosing and working with your advisor?

  Extremely important Very important Somewhat important Not very important Not important at all
The advisor is easy to reach and is responsive
The information the advisor provides me with is accurate and authoritative
The advisor is active in the profession and keeps up with changing regulations
I have trust in the advisor and their ability to deliver the services I need
The advisor has been referred to me by a friend or colleague
The advisor is able to demonstrate the value in their work - for which I am happy to pay

* 3. Looking at the characteristics that were most important to you in question 2, please describe how well our firm performs on these key characteristics.

* 4. Looking at other areas, how satisfied are you with each of the following?

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Not satisfied
Demonstrating knowledge / experience in the work delivered
Demonstrating a deeper understanding of my needs
Responsiveness to my enquiries

* 5. Could we improve on the way in which we work with you? If so, please comment as to how.

* 6. How likely are you to recommend our services to a friend or colleague?

* 7. In acknowledgment of your feedback we commit to donating $5.00 per completed survey to charity. The charities we are supporting this year are listed below. Which charity would you like us to donate to ?

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