Questions about OARC 26 presentations which took place on Day 1 of the Workshop

Question Title

* On a scale of 1 - 10 (where 1 = extremely dissatisfied and 10 = extremely satisfied) how satisfied were you with the following presentations

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OARC Status Report - Keith Mitchell
OARC Engineering Report - Jerry Lundström
Scaling up: How we made millions of domains happier - Pavel Odintsov
Does parent delegation TTL matter? - Ondrej Sury
Scoring the Root Server System - Geoff Huston
DNS over TCP as seen from the authoritative servers - Jan Vćelák
On a software-based approach to generate and detect flooding attacks against DNS infrastructure - Santiago Ruano Rincón
HyperLogLog inspired three-minute scan of DNSSEC delegations worldwide - Bert Hubert
DNS Violations - Ondrej Sury
ISC's Performance Lab System - Ray Bellis
Analysis of DNS Server Software Provisioning Performance - Evan Thompson
Testing DNS resolvers (as) in real world - Petr Špaček