OALA Council is seeking 3-5 volunteers to join a Task Force to review the current OALA By-laws for compliance with the Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act, 2010 (ONCA) and provide recommendations to update where necessary. Much of the existing By-laws were written in the infancy of the organization and in some situations, OALA has outgrown the need for certain clauses contained in the By-laws.

The Task Force will be responsible for:
  • ensuring alignment of By-laws with ONCA,
  • drafting recommendations based on best practices with aligned associations,
  • recommending revisions related to grammar & syntax, removing redundancies, and establishing hierarchies (e.g. By-laws vs policies and regulations).

Project Timelines and Term:

Review By-laws – February to May
Review final revisions – End of June
Review member feedback – Fall
Council approval of revised By-laws - Fall
Revised By-laws approval - November

While this project is due to be completed by November 2023, we anticipate this task force will evolve into a standing committee that will review By-law questions as needed.

Task Force Member Qualifications:

  • Full or Associate membership in the OALA is required
  • Understanding of the OALA Code of Ethics is required
  • Understanding of the OALA By-laws is required
  • Current or previous participation in one or more OALA committees or task force
  • Strong research skills
  • Association or connections with proponent and allied organizations
  • Diverse experience and an interest in the ongoing evolution and growth of the profession
  • An understanding of Roberts Rules of Order considered an asset
  • Understanding of ONCA is an asset

Benefits of the position:

  • Develop new skills in policy writing and organizational governance
  • Be recognized as a member who has helped shape the future of the organization
  • Be energized and rewarded while giving back to your Association and helping advance the profession
  • Opportunity to be part of the next phase of the organization’s evolution
  • Gain Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) credits

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