Thank you for attending the recent 2017 Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) Convention. We appreciate your feedback as plans for 2018 are already in the works !!!

Please pass this survey along to anyone who attended the convention, we would love to hear from everyone.

* 1. What parts of the 2017 convention did you attend?

* 2. Is this your first OAAS Convention ?

* 3. Did you like the current format for schedule?

  Yes No Not Applicable
Thursday afternoon seminars
Thursday evening showcase
Friday morning opening ceremonies & guest speaker
Friday morning seminars
Friday afternoon seminars
Friday Evening Showcase
Saturday morning - Annual Meeting

* 4. How would you rank the following features of the 2017 Convention ?

  Excellent Very Good Good Poor Did Not Attend
Hotel Check In
Convention Registration Desk
Thursday Afternoon Seminars
Thursday Evening Entertainment Showcase
Competition displays (quilts, cookies, posters, bread, photography)
Silent Auction
Friday Seminars
Family Entertainment Showcase
Friday Evening Entertainment Showcase
Annual General Meeting

* 5. How did you get to the convention ?

* 6. Did you visit the OAAS website before coming to the convention for any information?

* 7. How many delegates did your fair register?

* 8. Did you attend the 2017 OAAS Convention, as a:

* 9. Did your fair register any one-day delegates ?

* 10. Did you consider NOT coming to the convention because of Family Day weekend ?

* 11. Do you know another facilities/location that can accommodate nearly 900 people,  8 seminar rooms, 2-4 large breakout rooms, nearby restaurants & approximately 425 hotel rooms per night.

* 12. Would a convention that is not centrally located appealing to you ?

* 13. Does a convention that occurs on Friday, Saturday, Sunday more appealing.   (noting that counter service restaurants are very limited on the weekends)

* 14. Please share any other comments or suggestions for the OAAS. Thank you