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A massive ocean of literature exists on the topic of motivation. It can sometimes be a hindrance rather than assistance for IT management professionals. Some studies claim IT professionals are unique in their attitude to motivation and job satisfaction. There is also a lack of studies in New Zealand context. With move towards a knowledge economy, understanding of these factors will play crucial role in future success of organisations. This study will provide management professionals responsible for IT enabled outcomes an understanding of motivational factors that should be addressed. Individuals can also benchmark personal positions relative to the industry. Information is collected expressly for the purpose of research and will be collated and presented in a way where no individuals or organisations can be identified.

The study comprises 28 questions and I anticipate it will take around 15 minutes to complete. In appreciation for your time, two participants from the survey will be drawn randomly for a $50 voucher for a retailer of your choice.

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Shoaib Ahmed
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Massey University
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