Welcome to Two Truths and a Lie - Sports Gambling Edition! We will show you 6 sets of 'two truths and a lie'. For each, please select the statement that you feel is the lie. At the end of the quiz, you will have the chance to enter your information into a drawing for an Amazon.com gift card!

Please note that in the quiz, we refer to the following groups - Average Sports Fans, Current Sports Bettors and Future Sports Bettors. Those groups are defined as:

1) Average Sports Fan: The average of all respondents who are at least 21+ and are at least a 'Casual Fan' of sports

2) Current Sports Bettor: Respondents who currently bet or have bet in the past on sports

3) Future Sports Bettor: Respondents who plan to bet on sports in the future (but do NOT currently do so)

Question Title

* 1. Which one is the lie?