The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Informed Consent Form

Relationship of nursing burnout to the Big Five Personality Factors and Overall Self-Concept

Please read this consent document carefully before you decide to participate in this study. This research has been approved by the University Institutional Review Board.

Purpose of Research
The purpose of this research is to determine which personality factors are related to burnout among nurses. The hope is to identify those who might be more susceptible to burnout so that preventative care and organizational support can be utilized to help those who are suffering. Approximately 200 registered nurses will be taking part in this study, and you have specifically chosen based on your occupation as a registered nurse.

Specific Procedures to Be Used
If you agree to participate in this study you will be asked to fill out a survey, and submit your answers upon completion.

Duration of Participation
The survey should not take anyone longer than 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

Benefits to the Individual
This experiment will potentially benefit all employees working in the healthcare field, with a specific emphasis on nurses. By better understanding burnout and any personality factors that could predispose someone to being susceptible to burnout, healthcare institutions will be better prepared to help individuals who are at risk for burnout.

Risks to the Individual
The risks of participating in this study are no greater than if one did not participate.

Your identity will remain completely anonymous. Again, your identity will never be known to anyone, not even to the researcher. No identification information beyond your age, gender, and place of employment is asked.

Voluntary Nature of Participation
Participation in this study is completely voluntary, and anyone who does decide to participate can withdraw their participation at any time without penalty.

Human Subject Statement
If there are any questions about the research being conducted you can feel free to contact Matthew Ecie at phone number (678) 756-4993. If there are any questions or concerns of how the research was conducted you can feel free to contact the Psychology Department of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga at phone number (423) 425-4262.

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