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Thank you for your interest in product research at Neurotrack! We are looking for insights on how people experience our product. Product research is used to collect user feedback on Neurotrack products like our app. It may also be used to collect thoughts on topics related to general health and well-being, like your exercise routine or eating habits.

What to Expect
You will be presented with information relevant to your contact information, interest in brain health, and technology use. These questions guide our communication with you. By signing up, you are opting into our product research and you will be in our product research user list.

After you sign up, a researcher from Neurotrack may reach out to you if you are a good fit for one or more studies. We will keep you in the loop of product research.

All the information we collected in this signup survey will be kept private. We will not include any information that will make it possible to identify you in any public communications. All of the information will be kept in the Neurotrack cloud server; only Neurotrack employees with a verified need will have access to the information. We will not use your signup information for marketing purposes. We will not share the information with third parties.

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