The Football Medicine Association (FMA) is an independent body whose primary purpose is to promote and advocate for Player Welfare in sub-elite (semi-professional and amateur) football.

Our Role

The role of the FMA is to develop a network and pathway to assist clubs, medical and performance staff to maximise and improve player welfare standards in Australia. The FMA provides a pathway to disseminate football specific medical and performance information and resources to all stakeholders in football – parents, players, coaches, medical staff, clubs and associations. The FMA provides a pathway for translation of football specific research findings into “the real world” and also provide a pathway for research to be conducted within sub-elite football.


The purpose of FMA Membership is to give you direct access to the latest and most up-to-date research findings related to all aspects of Player Welfare in Football. Membership is free and only requires the provision of basic information.

What you get for your membership:

- free access to e-updates and e-news
- a vehicle to raise issues regarding Player Welfare in football
- updates regarding professional development courses
- free access to blogs and position statements from our expert consultants

The FMA Executive Committee thank you for your time and welcome you to the first FMA in Australia.


Together - Lets Make Football Safer!

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