1. Introduction

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Active Scholarship Recipients:
If you were funded for one term in 2016/17 school year, with continuous attendance, DO NOT complete another online application. In your award letter, you were directed to submit your grades and class schedules to continue funding.

New/Transfer students:
For Winter Quarter 2016 and Spring Semester 2017, we are taking applications starting on October 1. The final deadline is January 15.

For Spring Quarter 2017, we are taking applications starting on December 1. The final deadline is March 15.

Late applications: Applications received after the deadline will be given consideration based on the availability of funds. If funds are available, late applications may result in delayed receipt of funds by student and school.

All students apply with an online application. You will complete this application once a year. After you are accepted, then within the school year, you will submit your grades and schedule(s) to continue.

Please read your award letters you get with your scholarship checks! Many students neglect to do this and miss important instructions, including how to continue one's scholarship and about one's academic standing.

Please note that full transcripts, not a single term grade report, are required with the annual application.

It is recommended that a student complete the FAFSA before doing this application. The student would then have more accurate information to answer financial aid questions.

If you want to view a hard copy of the application or get a copy of the Nez Perce Higher Education Scholarship Plan of Operation, go to: www.nezperce.org/Official/highereducation.htm

On the certification page, you verify that you will read and adhere to the Scholarship Plan of Operation. This is your responsibility and expectation as a scholarship recipient. Besides the online copy (see above), hard copies (for review only) can be requested from the tribal Higher Education staff.

For assistance or questions, please contact:

Joyce McFarland, Education Manager

Mailing Address: PO Box 365, Lapwai, ID 83540
Physical Address: Education Services building, 116 Veteran's Drive, Lapwai, ID
Phone: (208) 621-4610
Email: education@nezperce.org

Qe' ci yew' yew' and good luck with your studies this year!