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* The NP is teaching a patient who is in peritoneal dialysis (PD) training about the need for routine dialysis adequacy testing.  The NP should explain that the most common reason for a reduction in PD adequacy is


The correct answer b. decreasing residual kidney function.

Rationale: Residual kidney function can account for approximately 50% of the clearance of salt, water, small and medium size solutes in new-start patients on PD.  As residual kidney function decreases, so does adequacy.

Reference: References: Daugirdas, J. T., et al. (2015). Handbook of Dialysis, 5th ed., pp. 406, 468, 471, & 476; Gilbert. S.J., & Weiner, D.E. (Eds.). (2018). NKF Primer on Kidney Diseases, 7th ed., pp. 546, 550.
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