Soil Health Vineyard Management Survey

This survey is part of a regional effort to develop a North Coast Soil Health Network/HUB that will provide support and technical guidance to winegrowers interested in adopting climate beneficial vineyard management practices (i.e., cover cropping, reduced tillage, composting etc.). The purpose of the survey is to capture the range of climate beneficial/soil health practices currently in use or barriers to their implementation experienced by North Coast vineyard owners and managers.  We would also like to hear from you on what types of information and educational needs you may have on the topic of improving soil health.  

* 1. County where you farm:

* 2. Vineyard characteristics:

* 3. Slope characteristics:

* 4. Irrigation systems used:

* 6. During what months is green vegetative cover present in your vineyard? Do not include summer months if vegetation is mostly dry during this time

* 7. When you have cover crops or resident vegetation present, what percentage of the vineyard floor is covered?

* 8. What are the barriers to using vegetative cover in your operation? Check all that apply.

* 9. If you use resident/volunteer vegetation or cover crops, what are the reason(s) you do so? Check all that apply.

* 10. How do you control under the vine vegetation? (Check which apply)

* 11. If you use tillage, what are the reason(s) you do so? Check all that apply.

* 12. What types of equipment or strategies do you use, if any, that enable you to reduce tillage? Please describe them here.

* 13. What barriers prevent you from reducing tillage? Check all that apply.

* 14. Have you used livestock grazing during the dormant season to control vegetation in your vineyard?

* 15. If not, what are the barriers to using livestock grazing? Check all that apply.

* 16. Do you apply amendments such as compost, manure or biochar to your soil? If so, check all that apply.

* 17. How often do you apply these amendments?

* 18. What are barriers to adding organic materials that you have experienced? Check all that apply.

* 19. How do you manage prunings in your vineyards?

* 20. Are there other ways that you return vine biomass to your soil? Check all that apply.

* 21. What mineral fertilizers and amendments do you apply? Check all that apply.

* 22. Please discuss any soil management issues that you have found are critical for a particular vineyard type (organic, conventional, level, steep, irrigated, non-irrigated). For example, avoid tillage to prevent erosion in steep vineyards, use legume cover crops to achieve adequate fertility in organic vineyards.

* 23. Please discuss any major production issues that affect your ability to achieve the yield and quality you want.

* 24. Why are you interested in climate beneficial/soil health management for your operation?

* 25. What type(s) of education on climate beneficial vineyard management practices would you find most helpful? Check all that apply.

* 26. Please describe any specific information/workshop topics or demonstrations related to soil health that you would like to see.

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