Joining the panel

What is the Residents' Panel?
The Residents' Panel gives people living in Northamptonshire an opportunity to give their views on local and countywide public services more regularly and to have a greater say in influencing local decision-making processes. The panel is used by:
  • East Northamptonshire Council
  • NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Northampton Borough Council
  • Northamptonshire County Council
  • South Northamptonshire District Council
  • Borough Council of Wellingborough

What do panel members do?
From time to time, we will ask panel members for their views on different topics relating to local public services. For instance, we might send you details of a consultation affecting people in the area in which you live. We appreciate that your time is valuable, so we will make sure that we hear your views without taking up too much of your time, and will seek to send you only information which is directly relevant to you.

Who is eligible to join the Residents' Panel?
The only entry requirements for prospective members of the Residents' Panel are that (a). People must be aged 16 or over and (b). They must live in Northamptonshire.

Do members need to be users of a service?
No. Panel members do not need to be users of a given service, and no knowledge or understanding of the way in which public sector services are run is required to subscribe.

Do people get paid for being on the Residents' Panel?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer panel members any financial incentives for participating. However, most of the people involved with the Residents' Panel enjoy being given the opportunity to learn more about and influence the development of both local and countywide services.

What if I change my mind?
You do not have to reply to every communication you receive, and the Residents' Panel will always be used carefully to ensure that we are not sending you too much information. However, if you join the Residents' Panel, and decide that it's not for you, you can unsubscribe at any time. To do so, just email Unsubscribe to and your details will be permanently removed from the panel.

If you enjoy giving your views and would like to join the Panel, all you need to do is complete the short form below. Please feel free to leave questions which you do not wish to answer. All of the information gathered in this questionnaire is confidential.