NetGalley is a service to connect publishers with professional readers, such as librarians. You may not be a NetGalley member, but we would still love for you to take this survey in order to give publishers a better idea of what librarians are looking for in their interactions with publishers, specifically as it relates to ARCs or galleys.

If you'll fill out this survey, we will share your answers ANONYMOUSLY to the publishers so they have some feedback from the librarian community. However, we would love to let publishers know who participated in this survey. If you’re okay with sharing your name (independent of your survey answers) please include your name when prompted. If not, simply leave it out!

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* 1. In which type of library do you work?

* 2. For which type(s) of books are you primarily responsible? (Check all that apply.)

* 3. Are you an ALA member?

* 4. Do you read digitally? (If no, skip to question 7)

* 5. Which device(s) do you use to read digitally? (Check all that apply.)

* 6. Does your library loan e-books?

* 7. How do you most often find titles to purchase for your library or recommend to your patrons?

* 8. Do you also write book reviews? (If no, please skip to question 10.)

* 9. If yes, please list the urls where your reviews are posted.

* 10. May we share your name with publishers? Please share your full name only if that’s okay with you. (This field is optional.)

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* 12. Have you ever heard of NetGalley? (If no, skip to end and submit.)
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* 13. Have you ever tried using NetGalley? (If no, skip to end and submit.)

* 14. If yes, why aren't you currently a NetGalley member?