The Episcopal Church, part of the Jesus Movement, is manifest in sixteen countries and serves the world in Christ’s name.  We, the Joint Standing Committee on Nominations, are charged with discerning and raising up leaders within the church, and we invite you to consider serving in one of the following positions.
Applications must be received on or before  May 10, 2017.

This application should be filled out in one sitting, as you may not be able to save and finish later.  To see all questions on the application, please click this link to a sample application.
(Before you begin answering the questions, please be aware that you must upload a .jpg or .png photograph, at least 300 pixels per side, 300ppi resolution, before you will be able to submit the completed application. In addition you will need the name, email and phone of a lay reference and a clergy reference. It is best to have all information ready before attempting to fill out the application).

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