When you come to see us at No More Knots, your experience at, and opinion of, your interaction with our company is personal and extremely important. To help us understand what you love about it, and what can be improved, we can build on your valuable feedback to make each and every client experience an outstanding one, so thank you for taking the time to help us serve you better.

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* 5. Are you able to give 3 examples on how could we improve on that rating? (Anything at all even if it is small)

* 6. How would you rate the pressure of your treatment?

* 7. Did your therapist ask throughout the treatment if the pressure was okay?

* 8. Did your therapist conduct an assessment and/or take a health history at the beginning of your treatment?

* 9. How did you find the time management of your treatment?

* 10. How would you rate both the professionalism and presentation of your therapist?

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* 11. What were 3 things that you felt the therapist did really well?

* 12. How did you find the overall layout and feel of the clinic?

* 13. How would you rate the reception team in regard to helpfulness and professionalism?

* 14. Did your therapist talk you through any suggestions for future treatment care and specify a time frame to come see us again to continue improvement?

* 15. Did your therapist give you advice & stretches to do at home in between visits?

* 16. What was the best part of your No More Knots experience?

* 17. Any other comments?