Online Artivism Exhibition Call Out

Call out to Māori and Pacific youth to be part of an online artivist exhibition Navigating the Nuclear Nightmare.

Your art can be images, videos, or podcasts exploring indigenous resistance to nuclear weapons in the Pacific, the impact of nuclear weapons on Pacific communities, and / or the links between nuclear justice, climate justice, economic justice, and self-determination for all Pacific peoples.

You can submit visual art, spoken word, written word, performing art, dance, painting, drawing, drama, poetry, rap, music, song, photos ... whatever you like, as long as it can be submitted electronically.

Why nuclear nightmare? From 1946 to 1996, Britain, France and the US exploded more than 300 nuclear bombs in the Pacific region, in Australia, Kiribati, Mā'ohi Nui (French-Occupied Polynesia), Marshall Islands, Kalama (Johnston) Atoll and Amchitka Island.

The nuclear weapons ‘tests’ caused irreparable ongoing harm to the health and wellbeing of Pacific peoples and indigenous Australian nations, and widespread radioactive contamination of the natural environment - made worse by nuclear waste dumping and discharge of radioactive wastewater into our ocean. Nuclear weapons are still based in the Pacific, and nuclear armed and powered submarines patrol the ocean.

Nuclear colonisation is one of the many forms of colonisation that continues to have a devastating impact on Pacific peoples, whose survival is now also threatened by rising sea levels and extreme weather events from climate change that was caused by others.

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