Community Forum Worksheet

NOW THAT YOU’VE HAD a chance to participate in a forum on this issue, we’d like to know what you’re thinking. Anonymous responses will be included in summary reports on the forums and in research to help us better understand how people are thinking about current issues.
Here is a reminder of actions you discussed in your forums:

a) Require teachers and first responders to be vaccinated.

b) Maintain mask mandates in schools, offices, and public places.

c) Prohibit employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations.

d) Keep up widespread COVID-19 testing, especially in schools, prisons, and other public institutions.

e) Bar colleges and universities from requiring vaccinations.

f) Churches can require vaccinations to attend services.

g) Homeless shelters and similar places with vulnerable populations can require vaccinations.

h) Provide incentives, such as cash or tax breaks, to anyone willing to be vaccinated.

i) Customers can boycott restaurants and businesses that require vaccinations.

j) Create intensive contact-tracing programs to get outbreaks under control when they occur.

k) Bar local businesses, such as restaurants and fitness centers, from asking customers whether they are vaccinated.

l) Require that children in K-12 schools be vaccinated.

Question Title

* 1. Which THREE actions do you most strongly SUPPORT?

Question Title

* 2. Which THREE actions do you most strongly OPPOSE?

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* 3. Are there any actions above you still feel UNSURE about?

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* 4. What else could be done at the community, state, or national level to address this problem?

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* 5. Did you talk about aspects of the issue you hadn’t considered before?

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* 6. Were there ideas or proposals that you tended to favor coming into the forum that you now have second thoughts about?