The Australian Scholarships Foundation – ASF - is all about facilitating scholarships for Australian not-for-profit directors and staff to receive the professional development they need to lead and manage their organisations. Lend us your voice so we can provide the opportunities you really need!

* Are you an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident?

* In which region of Australia do you currently work?

* Choose a segment of the not-for-profit sector that best describes your organisation's activities:

* What is your current position at your not-for-profit organisation?

* Do you currently have access to any kind of professional development within your organisation?

* Thinking about your current role and your career aspirations, what areas do you most need or want training in?

* What type of course would help you most at this point in your career?

* What are the biggest barriers in your education?

* Is there anything else you'd like to add? (optional)

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